MORGANO, a brand that renews itself in its forms and is characterized by the value and the quality of the fabrics used. A team with an urge to dare, to experiment and create blends of new materials and new colors. The best raw materials are selected and finishes of high technical level are created always with professional excellence. A brand leader in the research and yarn processing: manufacturing is based on the respect for the environment, the treatments use only water to ensure durability of the products’ quality.
Each piece carries with it the intellectual value of the people involved in its creation, thanks to an ethical, unique and independent work. MORGANO, an assurance of quality and elegance of true natural origin.
Each collection signed MORGANO is made with the most technologically advanced machines, with thinness 3-5-7-10-12-14 such as Cotton, Circular and Straight-line electronic looms. The confection is performed by qualified staff, who have years of experience. Dyes and fullings are done with natural soaps and dyes, based on the respect for environment and people.
All garments by MORGANO are subjected to rigorous checks to ensure customers the highest quality and the pleasure of wearing the garment. A different way of seeing the world, changing perspectives and devoting more time to style, the personal pleasure of wearing a garment with absolute freedom of choice, letting emotions carry you away. MORGANO, what you wear is a guarantee.